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View towards GC10NYQ
View towards "Opposite Side of Ogawara Ko(GC10NYQ)"

Cache of the Quarter
One of the functions of MiGO will be to name a Cache of the Quarter (and then, at our yearly event, a Cache of the Year). Please email holytrinityguy@yahoo.com with your nominations for Cache of the Quarter. Remember, you cannot nominate a geocache that has not been found or that you own!
First Quarter 2010
The MiGO cache of the quarter is... High near the Light House (GC206Y3) by abject

This geocache offers some amazing views of a beautiful Lighthouse on the Pacific Coast. Along with picturesque rocky beach cliffs. This cache is not for the feint of heart. Be warned, if you slip this may be your last geocache. Children should wait in the car and adults should please be very careful when wandering the path. It is possible to repel down the side of the cliffs where you see rope attached, but please do this at your own risk and only at low tide. Take in the beautiful scenery and leave behind nothing but footsteps and a story.

Second Quarter 2010
The MiGO cache of the quarter is... Under the Boardwalk (GCXTKQ) by Kaufingdude

This geocache is placed at a boardwalk near the Lady Liberty Park. Going north from the cache will take you into a different park, with informational kiosks and nice nature walks. The boardwalk isn't a loop, but it isn't too long of a walk either! If you walk down the boardwalk you'll get a great view of the Lady Liberty Statue. Enjoy!

Members' Favorites
Then we'll list our other favorites here, including contenders for the upcoming Cache of the Quarter award.
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